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Neuar is different from every other vodka you've tried

When most people drink vodka, they feel the burn of alcohol going down their throat. That's where Neuar Premium Vodka is different. The founder knew there was a problem and decided to figure out a way to solve it.

Neuar Premium Vodka eliminates the burn that's characteristic of most vodka brands on the market. You'll discover a variety of characteristics that makes us different, including:

  • Using cucumber sugar instead of regular sugar
  • Being made from 100% non-GMO corn
  • Using deionized water
  • Being a gluten-free product
  • Being made in America (Lansing, Michigan)

We want to change the way people see and experience vodka. Try Neuar Premium Vodka today for a smoother drinking experience.

We set ourselves apart from the rest

By using cucumber sugar instead of regular sugar, we've eliminated the burn from our vodka. Because vodka is clear, we wanted to stand out with black packaging. Our product is carefully distilled six times.

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